Weathering System - Powder

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Durable powder coatings are ideal for the development of high-rise buildings of steel, aluminum, traffic barrier, transformer enclosure, car exterior accessories, outdoor lighting, gardening equipment and other outdoor products painting. Is the key factor in weathering due to the coating surface coatings exposed to sunlight is to promote aging.

The powder coating weatherability requirements, in accordance with Florida International is usually divided into three natural exposure test results:

1, standard weathering powder coating (available through Florida exposure testing standards 1 ~ 2a);
2, improved weatherability powder coating (available through Florida exposure testing standard 2 ~ 3a);
3, super weather resistant weathering powder coatings (available through Florida exposure testing standards 5a above).




  • Super weather for more than 30 years
  • Rise building facades facilities

Aluminum profiles


Steel, alloys

  • Road infrastructure
  • Barricade
  • Track

Automotive exterior trim



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