Anti-Static Conductive Insulation - Powder

Product Description

a, the conductive powder coating is applied to the non-conductive substrate, so as to have a current conducting capacity and functional coatings to eliminate static electricity;

b, insulation powder coating is a specialized coatings for electrical, electronic components, etc., in addition to the general protection of powder coatings, decorative performance, but also has good electrical insulation properties;

c, anti-static powder coating is a powder coating having a conduction current, and capable of eliminating static electricity, and the functional powder coating to avoid electrostatic hazards. Anti-static coating powder is mainly used in electronics Equipment assembly facilities in the area, such as console, mine fields and explosion (fire) in the field of facilities or equipment, electronic instruments and equipment for container or housing, oil storage tanks and other aspects of the resistance against change applications varies.




  • Electrical accessories
  • Petrochemical facilities


  • Magnetic rotor
  • Electronic devices


  • Electric accessories
  • Protection facilities


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