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Tumo car wheels for high friction work environment, punching a hard object impact, corrosion and other properties, the understanding of those who take the driving and the importance of protecting critical car wheels, aluminum wheels based on the heat transfer characteristics, design selection of low viscosity reactivity slow curing system, through rational formulation design and use of additives, the successful development of automotive aluminum wheels primer dedicated high leveling long gelling powder coatings. High corrosion, high impact green powder coating as bottom aluminum wheels powder, acrylic powder coating as a transparent eye varnish coating for aluminum car wheel surface coating protection.
A Powder  
Key performance Index
Impact strength ≥
Hardness(H) ≥1
Adhesion (cross-cut method, grade) 0级
Resistant to CASS 240H
Water resistance 240H
Neutral salt spray experiment(1000h) No significant change in the surface
Crushed stone impact experiment ≥6 Levels
B Cover powder  
Gloss (60 degrees) ≥100%
Hardness(H) ≥2h
Adhesion (cross-cut method, grade) 0 Levels
Impact strength

Pure polyester transparent powder≥
Acrylic transparent powder≥

CASS salt experiment240H wb≤3mm
Resistance to filiform corrosion240h wb≤3mm
Crushed stone impact experiment ≥6 Levels
Condensation experiment Base metal without corrosion, no bubbles
Solvent resistance test ≤2 Levels
Neutral salt spray experiment ≥1000h No significant change in coating surface
QUV experiment (A lamp, 1200h gloss retention) 90%,No significant color change
Xenon lamp aging 1200h, 80% gloss retention, no significant color change
Natural exposure 1 year, the light protection rate of 90%, no significant color change


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