UV-Curable Powder Coating

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UV-curable powder coatings (referred to as UV powder coatings) and the conventional UV-curable powder coating technology, not only both the UV-curable powder coatings and the advantages of both, and also to overcome the heat-reactive diluent containing UV-curable liquid coating does not apply to the disadvantage of high substrate for thermal curing powder coating curing temperature, is a low energy consumption, pollution, low temperature fluidity, fast curing, curing small space separating the molten epidemic and curing steps, using UV-curable before curing the powder coating to achieve optimum leveling state to ensure coating quality. In addition, good thermal stability powders using conventional extrusion equipment thermal crosslinking does not occur, high production efficiency, suitable for assembly line production of new environmentally friendly paint.

UV-curable powder coating a coating suitable for a variety of heat-sensitive substrates, such as medium density fiberboard (MDF), aluminum-magnesium alloys, plastics, automotive evaporator, pre-production and coil coating.



UV powder

  • Slim
  • Low temperature curing
  • UV curing oven


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