Heavy-Duty System - Powder

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Use heavy-duty powder coating is a leap oil pipeline, steel construction, ship fittings and other protective technology has changed the conventional liquid paint coating requires multi-channel approach to achieve the requirements . Unmatched by traditional anti-corrosion coating characteristics.

1 , have good adhesion and mechanical properties : strong adhesion to steel substrates are coated to obtain high-quality anti-corrosion coatings premise , with low shrinkage, proper hardness , toughness, wear resistance , moisture resistance , etc.;
2 , good corrosion resistance : coating with excellent resistance to cathodic stripping resistance and high electrical insulation. Including resistance to chemical corrosion , air, water , acids, bases, salts of other solvents;
3 , there is a good medium permeability resistance : excellent shielding effect of heavy-duty powder coating , the coating has the lowest possible water and oxygen permeability and other corrosive factors and asked the film;
4 , good construction performance : the pink area, the rate of powder, low melting temperature , high reactivity , curing the completion rate, good mechanical properties, the coating reaches the proper thickness ( the thicker the coating , the better the shielding effect ) to meet the design requirements.




  • cabin outside
  • cabin accessories
  • mechanical corrosion facility

Pipeline powder

  • petroleum pipeline
  • tap water
  • mine

Steel, Valves

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