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Development of ultra-thin system laid the technical foundation powder powder coating instead of liquid coatings. Powder coating is the ultrafine particle size of the powder coating 10 ~ 20um powder coatings, the coating thickness can be reduced from the conventional powder 60 ~ 80um to 30 ~ 40um, while a coating having a very smooth surface. Traditional large diameter coarse powder, more powder coating spray before baking, relative uneven powder, baking thin film products, the effect is less smooth surface; small ultra-thin system powder fine particle size, bake before powder coating spray less, relatively homogeneous powder, baking products thin film surface was better than flat. Experimental results show that a uniform thin coating of uniform coating thickness than the better corrosion resistance, because the uniform thickness of the thinnest place where the coating is thinner than the thinnest uniform thin coating priority began to corrode. Thin coating powders have to pay to solve the technology and production costs precision machinery, electronic auto parts, high-rise buildings and other materials, but also reflect environmentally friendly, energy efficient, economical, and many other advantages.



Precision machinery


Electronic steam accessories


Functional casting


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